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"Born in Bristol, I’ve lived and worked across the best and worst of what our city has to offer. At its worst Bristol was the city that seemed to offer families like mine little hope. I was one of two children of a single mum. We were poor. We lived on the Long Cross housing estate in Lawrence Weston before moving to Lawrence Hill in the inner city where I attended Easton Road Primary and St George (now the City Academy) secondary school. Both wards remain among the most deprived in the UK sitting in a city with some of the wealthiest wards in Europe. At its best Bristol was where I found the support and opportunity I needed to get to University, to become Director of Bristol’s local strategic partnership, to become a BBC Broadcast Journalist working on everything from Radio Bristol to the World Service, to join Yale University’s global leaders programme, to enter my role as an NHS Manager tackling the city’s health inequalities. And finally it's the city in which I was selected to be Labour’s candidate to be the first elected mayor of Bristol. But many of my contemporaries did not get the same support and opportunity and too many people in Bristol are still being left behind. The city as a city does well but these inequalities undermine our city's full potential and the integrity of our growth. Together with our historic inability to get the different parts of Bristol working together, we are left a city that is less than the sum of its parts. Bristol could be and should be so much more. I want to work with you to unleash it."

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