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Labour Councillors Question if Budget Focused on Correct Priorities

Labour Councillors welcome any genuine consultation on the Budget, and that there is apparently a little more money than the Council’s finance people thought - but a consultation with a shopping list attached makes it sound as if the Mayor has already made his mind up.

Labour Leader, Cllr Helen Holland said, “We are glad to see that the argument we made last year that the Mayor should fully fund the Council Tax Reduction scheme, has been taken on board, and that particular help to the poorest has not been threatened again, but what has happened to other areas given protection by Labour’s amendments to this year’s Budget in February? We keep being told these have been supported, but anecdotal evidence suggests otherwise.

If there is some spare cash, then the Mayor must look again at vital services like Children’s Centres, Parks, Pest Control, the Hardship Fund, before committing funds to his pet projects.”

“Local Authorities have borne the brunt of the Coalition Government’s cuts, and some services are close to collapse, with budget reductions and staff redundancies. These are the areas that residents want to see protected first.”

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