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Bristol Labour

The Bristol Labour Party is the Local Campaign Forum covering all Bristol. Amongst its responsibilities is selecting and training candidates, discussing policy, coordinating with Trade Unions and affiliated organisations and managing electoral strategy.


The Bristol Labour Party Executive Committee

David Yorath 



Hadleigh Roberts 

Vice Chair

Helen Godwin-Teigh 

Vice Chair

James Wilson


Barry Trahar


Helen Holland

Labour Group Leader

 Ruth Pickersgill

Women's Officer

Mike Preston

LGBT Labour Representative

David Langham -

Co-operative Party delegate

Kye Dudd

Trade Union Liason Officer

Matty Bacon

Youth Officer


Muna Abdi 

BME Officer



Constituency Party Delegates to the Executive Committee

Nicola Bowden-Jones - Bristol East delegate

Darren Lewis - Bristol East delegate

Brian Mead - Bristol North West delegate

Brenda Massey - Bristol North West delegate

Joe Salter- Bristol South delegate

Celia Phipps  - Bristol South delegate

Eileen Means - Bristol West delegate

Mary Southcott - Bristol West delegate

If you’d like to join and help build a Labour Bristol please sign up here.

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