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St George East

This ward boasts some of the most amazing views in the whole city, particularly in the south of the ward, and its own Green Flag Local Nature Reserve, Troopers Hill, which is a heathland, quite unique in Bristol. This is looked after by the City Parks dept and the Friends of Troopers Hill I am a member of this group and know what an excellent job they do.

The main issues and concerns locally are traffic, traffic and traffic. Speeding, bad parking affecting visibility and safety. Just now we have a scheme to deal with the parking problems in the Kingsway going through the St George Neighbourhood Partnership. We enjoy having one of the most effective Neighbourhood Partnerships in the city spending money on local people’s priorities.

One thing we lack is community centres and youth clubs, but there is some good news - the Kingswood Foundation have re-opened the youth centre and the local Neighbourhood Partnership has funded a new computer suite there.

Your Labour Councillors are Fabian Breckels and Steve Pearce

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