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Cabot ward is the centre of the city, including the major central hospitals, the Council House, the Cathedral and the Central Library and most of the Bristol university area. Italso reaches out along the harbourside in a spit of water and land bounded by FeederRoad on the far side. Because of its university based location, there are low numbers of children under 16 and older people, with more than double the average number of 16 – 29 year olds for Bristol. There are high numbers of jobs concentrated in Cabot and the population has a lower rate of unemployment than other wards.

It contains many services which have benefitted hugely under the last Labour government’s investment in culture such as the improvements to Central Library and museums, the transformation of the Hospitals which we all depend on across the city and the improvements to accessibility to our municipal and public buildings which Labour’s support for disability access helped to bring about.

Everyone who lives in Cabot benefits from their proximity to these fantastic city services and attractions. The large number of students living in Cabot have also benefitted from the increased access to higher education from state sector schools. Many will have been able to use the Educational Maintenance Allowance to help them to study after 16, something which the Tory-led government has now scrapped.

Green spaces include Castle Park, Brandon Hill and the well used Queen’s Square, popular for community events. The major tourist attractions in Cabot help to attract and keep visitors coming back to Bristol but also provide the local people of Bristol with much loved events and spaces.

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