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For most of the history of Bristol, Bishopsworth lay as a separate sleepy village with farms and a Manor House. To the South of this was the former Coal Mining community of Withywood. After the war as Bristol spread south Bishopsworth became a residential suburb of Bristol popular for its spacious streets, gardens and parks and Downs. The ward sits on the very southern limits of the city and is looked over by the green slopes of Highridge.

Local people have a strong tradition of self help and cooperation and the area is home to many volunteer led organisations from the Highridge Forum to the Malago Society people who encounter problems work together to over come them.

Bishopsworth has benefited from a Labour Government with completely rebuilt schools like Bedminster Down and 2010 saw the commencement of construction work on the long awaited South Bristol Hospital in neighbouring wards but which will benefit Bishopsworth residents.

The ward it self has an above average number of 55+ residents. It has suffered and continues to suffer under the current government and Lib Dem run Council. Liberal Democrats scrapped subsidies to the 52 bus resulting in a massive reduction of service, they have refused to fund free swimming for the elderly which until government cuts was enjoyed by many and most recently the Council has decided to sell off parts of much valued parks and green spaces in the face of local opposition.

Your Labour Councillor is Mike Langley

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