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Ashley is a wonderful part of central Bristol made up of St Paul’s, St Andrew’s, St Werburgh’s, St Agnes and Montpelier. The population is a little over 15,000 of whom one quarter are from an ethnic minority. There is a high proportion of lesbian and gay people and a proud tradition of welcoming newly arrived communities including refugees and asylum seekers into the area – Ashley is a microcosm of the city’s rich diversity with close to average numbers of all age groups living there.

The investment under the last Labour government in this area includes a wonderful new extension to the St Werburgh’s community centre, with solar panels on the roof for environmental sustainability. Labour funding also meant the creation of the St Paul’s Learning and Family Centre, with musical facilities, library, meeting rooms, café, children’s centre and community focus right in the heart of St Paul’s. The St Werburgh’s Children’s Centre and Primary school have also had new buildings, as has Sefton Park.

Fairfield School has now moved its site to just outside the ward but this secondary school and the others which the ward’s young people attend from age 11 have all also had huge investment in improvements which have helped young people to fulfill their potential across the ward.

The Health Centre has also had massive investment and this helps the dedicated staff to do even more for patients. The Labour government also supported improvements to social and other housing, including well- eceived initiatives to help low income families improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

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